The Recycling Process

Our process for recycling bulk construction debris

Asphalt and concrete are among the simplest materials to recycle and re-use, achieving significant environmental benefits as well as substantial cost savings over virgin materials. Bulk materials such as concrete, asphalt, rock, & brick are brought to our location where they are then screened & crushed by a series of equipment, reduced to a specified sizing to be reused in our everyday construction.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet on Recycled Aggregates, more than 100 million tons of asphalt is recovered annually in the United States, with 80% of it being recycled (the other 20% still goes to landfills). Of the recycled asphalt, about two-thirds is used as recycled aggregate for road base, with the remaining one-third used to produce new asphalt hot mixes.

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Additionally, about 100 million tons of concrete is recycled annually in the US, with about 88% of that being reused as recycled aggregate in road base and the remainder in new concrete mixes, and general fill. Here at our facility all of the used asphalt brought to us is segregated from the concrete, screened and crushed creating a material that can be easily recycled in an asphalt plant as RAP. This material can supplement virgin material or as in our case it is reused as a 100% recycled hot mix asphalt.

Recycling asphalt and concrete for use in recycled aggregate provides the benefits of:

  • Reduced use of landfill space
  • Lower costs for heavy materials hauling
  • Saves our natural virgin stone resources
  • Decreased energy costs for transporting materials long distances
  • Reduced cost of road base material to the end user; recycled aggregate is 60% cheaper than virgin stone
  • Earned credits for the LEED Green Building Rating System

The most common applications of our recycled concrete aggregate are:

  • New road base material
  • Fill for around new foundations or buildings
  • Sub base for patio‚Äôs, walks, & driveways
  • Fill for utility trenches